Google maps


Map [map]

Inserts a Google Map into the page


  • margin

    Enables you to add margins to the element
    Default: normal

    Possible Values

    • small
      Add a margin of 22px below the line
    • normal
      Add a margin of 44px below the line
    • large
      Add a margin of 66px below the line
    • css value
      If you would like to add a margin to the element use the following notation: 11px 20px 8px 9px. The element will have a 11px top margin, a 20px right margin, an 8px bottom margin and a 9px left margin.
  • style

    Add custom styles to this element

    Possible Values

    • css rules
      Add any css rules as if you were adding them inline. To add a border and a margin for example you could write: "margin-bottom:10px; border:1px solid white"
  • location

    Enter an address to show
    Default: New York, USA

    Possible Values

    • location
      Any address which works in Google Maps or Google Earth will work here
  • height

    Define how height the map container should be
    Default: 400

    Possible Values

    • positive whole number
      You can use any positive number as the height, it will be applied as a pixel height.
  • zoom

    Define how zoomed in the map should be
    Default: 10

    Possible Values

    • positive whole number
      You can use a positive whole number up to about 16; the higher the number, the more zoomed in the map goes. 12 works well for closeup maps.
  • maptype

    Set the map type to be used
    Default: ROADMAP

    Possible Values

      The default road map view
      Google Earth style satellite image
    • HYBRID
      A mixture of normal and satellite views
      Physical map based on terrain information
  • marker

    Place a marker on the specified location on the map
    Default: yes

    Possible Values

    • yes
      A marker will be placed on the given location on the map
    • no
      The map will have no markers on it